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Diseased and Dead Tree Care in Agoura Hills

At Majestic Tree Company in Agoura Hills, we are dedicated to solving all kinds of diseased and nearly dead tree issues. Whether you have termites, moth damage, or fire blight fungus, we have you covered! We have a team of qualified and skilled contractors that take every necessary precaution to protect your home while minimizing any impact to your landscape. For more than 40 years we have extended our services to homeowners and businesses in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, and the surrounding areas. We are a company that you can rely on when it comes to the treatment of your trees. We are a licensed pest control operator (#97172) who is dedicated to each customer’s needs. Depending on your specific case, we will send a tree specialist who knows how to deal with that disease or pest.

Order your tree diagnosis session today! Our diagnosis of diseased trees includes several benefits. We will send a knowledgeable specialist to come and see your ailing trees. We will help ease your concerns about the deteriorating health of your once mighty trees. With Majestic Tree Company, you will get the help of a company that goes out on a limb for you. We will send you a specialist with years of experience and knowledge that will save the life of your trees. The shade and the natural beauty of your yard depend on a proper diagnosis from a professional. Feel free to contact our tree specialists with any questions or concerns!

Get Help with All of Your Problematic Tree Insects and Pests:

  • Termites – the eternal plague to anything wooden
  • Bark beetles – attacking pine trees
  • Elm leaf beetles – consuming elms
  • Spittle beetles – dangerous to oak and pine trees
  • Fire blight fungus – a threat to the flowering pear
  • Bronze birch borer – affecting birches
  • Moths – ruining your citrus trees
  • Spider mites, aphid, giant white fly, standard whitefly – tree attacks
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